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Paraplegic Society of SW Styria

The Paraplegic Society of SW Styria is a disabled persons association that brings together people with spinal cord injuries which cause partial or full paralysis of upper and/or lower extremities – quadri- and paraplegics.

OČlani DPJZŠur goal is to rehabilitate our members and provide help for them to overcome their severe disabilities with special programs – transportation, programs for maintaining good health, supplying technical aids, social and extracurricular activities, ...

The society operates in the 33 municipalities of Savinjska and Šaleška Valley, the wider Celje region, Radeče and Obsotelj.

Traffic accidents are the most common cause of our members' serious spinal cord injuries. This has lead us to the idea to share our experience with others – with youth that is just beginning to take part in road traffic. For this reason the movement »I still drive - but I don't walk« came into existence in 2008.

VOZIM, Institute for Innovative Safe Driving Education

Opekarniška cesta 15a,
3000 Celje

T: +386 (0)3 54 11 993