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Are you also living on the fast track? Are you torn between your family, job, car ...?

On the road your life can flash before your eyes. All that is needed is a moment of inattentiveness. Fate can change our life in an instant and prevent us from living on as we used to. Even a small carelessness can deprive us of what seems irreplaceable and put obstacles in our paths that are difficult to overcome. Suddenly the simple everyday things become big challenges and are difficult to face without strong will and the help of others. The fatal moment that can change our whole life can happen to each and every one of us. Every road user is a potential victim. Still, many drivers are not aware of the problem of careless driving and road traffic safety - they believe accidents only happen to "others".

These "others" have decided to entrust us with their stories and experiences in order to prevent more tragic accidents and contribute to awareness by informing the general public about the consequences of accidents with severe physical injuries. The shocking stories of individuals whose lives were instantly changed speak of the unbreakable will, their efforts and positive spirit and prove that one can still live a full life despite the difficult and tragic events and overcome the most difficult of obstacles with the help of others. They also want the message of those who suffer the permanent consequences of traffic accidents to change the public's view of road traffic safety - especially the view of young drivers.

Are you ready to contribute to greater road safety and save lives?

Support our movement "I still drive, but I don't walk". Contribute to greater awareness of the permanent consequences of traffic accidents! Those of us who have survived them are passing on our experience to others. We are helping raise awareness, changing the hearts of young people and making safe driving a value. We are committed to ensuring that every young person between the ages of 15 and 20 gets to hear a story of a peer who survived a traffic accident and suffered serious injuries. We are getting rid of taboos and trying to prevent our stories from becoming your stories.

Contribute to greater awareness!

Our vision is

that each year a whole new generation of young people – 
approximately 17,000 a year –  hears a story of their peer who has suffered a serious injury in a traffic accident. In just five years this has happened to 85,241 young people.